18 Nov. 21

Amway Nutrilite “Jelly Splats” launch opens the floodgates of industry interest in ConCordix

This sugar-free, jelly-like soft chew, with its high-potency capacity,
is gaining serious attention from some of the world’s biggest brands

Even among dietary supplement industry leaders, there’s always pressure to innovate. Now that gummies have matured as a delivery system, what’s next? After a lot of work over the last decade, Vitux AS is elevating the industry to the next level with its game-changing, chewable ConCordix technology. And Amway’s decision to use ConCordix for its reformulated Nutrilite Kids Brainiums DHA Jelly Splats has been a major tipping point, opening the floodgates to inquiries from other major corporations from around the world including many long-time gummy manufacturers.

Why it was time for Amway to reformulate a global top seller
Amway’s Nutrilite is the world’s top-selling vitamin and supplement brand, with Nutrilite Kids Brainiums DHA being their top-selling kids’ product. The supplement supports attention and learning in children ages four to twelve. But the original formula was an animal-based gelatin product that no longer aligned with Amway’s strategy. Also, the product contained several grams of sugar and required four servings per day to deliver 150 mg of DHA. There were big opportunities for improvement. “Any time we can go to a single serving is better for compliance,” observes Vitux AS Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing Marc van Maris, who says his company jumped at the opportunity to introduce Amway to their unique, jelly-like matrix.

More omega-3 potency with nothing artificial
ConCordix offers vitamin and supplement manufacturers a giant leap forward in innovation. Not only does this sugar-free chew dissolve easily without sticking to teeth like gummies, it can hold as much as 250 mg DHA and 50 mg EPA in a single chew. “Amway was blown away that we could enable them to substantially increase their DHA potency in a single chew,” comments van Maris, adding that omega-3s delivered using ConCordix are clinically proven to be 43.4% more bioavailable than when using gummies. In keeping with today’s clean-label trends, ConCordix is also free of artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners and preservatives; gluten free, dairy free, non-GMO and NSF certified. Packaged in recyclable single-serving blister packs, ConCordix chews have a 24-month shelf life.

Amway saw the appeal …
“With pretty much any product we launch at Amway, we prefer fewer servings,” says Amway Brand Manager Marlene Zuidema. “Moms are looking for things to support their little ones’ brain health. To go from having to take four gummies to get 150 mg of DHA, to now just one chew for 250 mg of DHA is great.” She continues, “The Jelly Splat is a little different than a gummy and easier for kids since they don’t have to chew hard. Being sugar free was also a big factor in our decision to use ConCordix. Millennial moms don’t want their kids to get too much sugar. And the blister packs keep the chews fresher longer.”

… but it was the kids who gave the ultimate thumbs up
Jelly Splats may sound kid-friendly, but would kids actually like them? The Amway team tested the new texture and various flavors on their own children. “We gave them two or three different flavors to sample, and strawberry citrus came out on top,” says Zuidema. “As important, the kids found the format fun. They could play with it before taking it. That was a big thing! We really wanted something that kids were not only willing to take, but ideally they would ask for it.” She concludes that the reformulation process has been positive. “Vitux was very responsive and helpful. They’ve been an excellent supplier to work with. That contributed to a good timeline for launching this product.”

ConCordix holds both oil- and water-soluble ingredients in its homogeneous, pre-emulsified matrix. To discuss formulating your nutritional supplements with ConCordix, get in touch now.