02 May. 22

Can we talk about the problems with gummies? Which kid-friendly alternative is superior? During Expo West 2022, Alternative Health Expert Bryce Wylde sat down with KidStar Nutrients CEO Caitlyn Vanderhaeghe to discuss why they’re not gummy fans and why they are excited about ConCordix Smart Chews.

Vanderhaeghe and Wylde both expressed concerns about gummies’ sugar content and inability to hold enough of the active ingredient(s) per dose to make it therapeutic. Vanderhaeghe observed that small amounts of active ingredients may mean having to take more gummies. “If (the recommended dose) is 4 to 5 gummies a day, there’s only 30 in a bottle and you have more than one kid, you are spending a lot of money on the product!”

Enter ConCordix Smart Chews, which Wylde explained can carry six times the amount of DHA than you’d find in the average gummy of the same size. After sampling her very first Smart Chew, Vanderhaeghe exclaimed: “It went down very smoothly. It was two chews, in and gone. Nothing is stuck in my teeth. It’s very nice!”

Wylde concluded their conversation by saying ConCordix is an incredible technology. “You’ll get the compliance. You’ll get the flavor but there isn’t any sugar. It’s not going to erode teeth. It dissolves well. The bioavailability is high. And there are dozens of companies now using this technology.

“Let’s cross our fingers together and hope that we say goodbye to gummies and say hello to Smart Chews!”



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