12 Jan. 22

Childlife Essentials with ConCordix wins NIU award


Vitux AS congratulates Childlife Essentials on winning the 2021 NutraIngredients-USA award for Best Omega-3 Product of the Year. Childlife Essentials won the award after reformulating its children’s chewable DHA product with ConCordix. As reported by NutraIngredients-USA Deputy Editor Hank Schulz, the award is drawing even more attention to ConCordix by other global dietary supplement providers. ConCordix enables omega-3 supplements to have better bioavailability and a clinically relevant dosage.

When interviewed for this article, Vitux AS Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing dr. Marc Van Maris explained, “We know that emulsions are very well absorbed in the intestines. It’s a well-known chemical process. We did a bioavailability study comparing ConCordix to the delivery of omega-3s in a softgel. With equivalent doses of fish oil, the research showed 43% higher bioavailability with ConCordix.”

Schulz writes that another key element to ConCordix technology is the dosages that can be achieved. He points out, “Payload issues are the bane of solid form delivery technologies. Gummies are fun to eat and kids like them, but for many kinds of nutrients, the potential payloads may fall below clinically relevant doses, unless many gummies are consumed.”

Van Maris agrees. “This is THE biggest difference from other chewables. You can achieve a clinically relevant dose. Our delivery system can hold up under a maximal load of omega-3s, within the payload range of a softgel. That’s the equivalent of about 20 gummies.”

ConCordix, also referred to as ConCordix Smart Chews, is well-positioned to become the trending delivery system of 2022 and beyond. It is sugar-free, and available in multiple natural colors and flavors. In addition to omega-3 fatty acids, it is suitable as a delivery alternative for other nutrients such as multi-vitamins or other ingredients.

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