24 Apr. 22

Congratulations to ConCordix client, ChildLife Essentials, on being named an Expo West 2022 Best in Show product by Alternative Health Expert Bryce Wylde.

Wylde’s stringent criteria were safety, efficacy, evidence-based, transparency, traceability, purity and potency. “This line is one of my favorites,” he told Nutragenics CEO Andrew Myers, ND. The two experts sat down at Expo West to discuss why ChildLife Essentials will never offer gummies, instead choosing to use ConCordix Smart Chews.

“Gummies from my perspective are basically a confectionery; they’re a candy,” said Myers. “And we’ve bolted nutrition onto that confectionary platform … At the same time you’re delivering nutrition, you’re delivering an anti-nutrient in sugar.”

In addition to their high-sugar platform, Myers says gummies also have other limitations. “One of course is payload. Especially when you get into oil-soluble nutrients like vitamin E, and especially the omega-3 category with EPA and DHA, you just can’t pack enough in the gummy for it to be meaningful.”

Myers told Wylde that the payload for sugar-free ConCordix Smart Chews is about 10 times what you can get in a gummy. Why is that essential for children?

“As kids are maturing and their brains are growing, DHA is the principle building block for their nervous system and brain,” Myers explained. “Most children don’t eat fish to any great degree. So, a supplement of DHA is a great way to augment that (brain) development. We know that from multiple research studies.”

Myers stressed that DHA dosage is critical. “It needs to be 250 mg a day. Your standard gummy maybe has 25 mgs in two servings, plus four to six grams of sugar.”

After commenting on ChildLife Essential’s pleasant natural orange taste, Wylde asked why they were called “The Non-Gummy Gummies” on the label.

“A gummy isn’t technology. It’s just candy. ConCordix is a technology,” answered Myers. “It’s no sugar. It’s all natural. It’s preservative free. It’s a mechanical emulsification that leads to enhanced bioavailability. So, not only are we giving you a higher payload. We’re giving you more of the good stuff because of the way we deliver the nutrition within the matrix of the Smart Chew itself. … It’s more scientifically proven in terms of how the body absorbs nutrition from the food we consume.”

In addition to its DHA product, ChildLife Essentials features ConCordix Smart Chew technology in a multivitamin, elderberry product and a vision product. All are designed around key developmental factors for children.



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