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Check out ConCordix, an award-winning new delivery form for supplements. This technology offers you the possibility to expand your eye health portfolio with a brand new category. Don't miss this opportunity and find out more.

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Are you a product manager in the supplement industry and responsible for the launch of new innovations in the eye health business? This new delivery form will certainly catch your interest.

Our sugar-free Smart Chews are easier to swallow, offer enhanced absorption, and secure long-term stability of the precious nutrients.

These features make ConCordix Smart Chews an instant popular product for your customers.


Supplement innovation from Arctic Norway

Vitux is a contract manufacturer for nutritional supplements and the inventor of the ConCordix technology. We are based in Norway and produce our Smart Chews at the clear coast of arctic Andenes.

We believe in wellness without limitations.  That’s why we developed our pre-emulsified technology. With ConCordix we can remove the barriers of traditional delivery forms.

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Supplementation the way Mother Nature intended

Inspired by nature

Normally we ingest nutrients by eating food, which starts by chewing. Chewing makes it easy to take and helps digestion. Chewing activates the functions of your stomach and intestines, helping them absorb the nutrients into your body. Food, like salmon, is a great source of Omega-3s. The microscopic image shows how small oily droplets are evenly distributed in the tissue.

Mirror the structure of food

ConCordix has been developed by leading nutritional experts, designed to mirror this structure of food. The ConCordix technology delivers tiny oily droplets that are stabilized in the emulsion, thereby increasing the contact surface for lipase enzymes to act for rapid and efficient breakdown of the fats. The formation of micelles then ensures the absorption through the villi into the bloodstream. 

What makes Smart Chews a new favorite?

Impressive consumer benefits

Your consumers will be delighted by these convenient Smart Chews. Each of them can contain crazy amounts of nutrients and comes in a great variety of fresh fruity flavors. Naturally sugar-free with carefully selected premium ingredients. They are easy to take without water which makes them perfect to take on the go, without the reflux which is known with ingredients such as fish oil.

Daily freshness

We package with the purpose of secured stability. To ensure the high quality and long-term stability of our precious nutrients, these Smart Chews are hygienically sealed protecting them from the damaging effects of oxygen, light, and moisture. Which offers your consumers a fresh Smart Chew every day.

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