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ConCordix Smart Chews – the technology that provides innovation to your product portfolio.


Our sugar-free delivery form is easier to swallow, offers an enhanced absorption, and a secured long-term stability of the precious nutrients.

Vitux is a contract manufacturer for nutritional supplements and the inventor of the ConCordix technology. We are based in Norway and produce our Smart Chews at the clear coast of arctic Andenes.

The science behind our Smart Chews

Supplementation the way mother nature intended

ConCordix Smart Chews have been developed by leading nutritional experts, designed to mirror this structure of food. The ConCordix technology delivers tiny oily droplets that are stabilized in the emulsion, thereby increasing the contact surface for lipase enzymes to act for rapid and efficient breakdown of the fats. The formation of micelles then ensures the absorption through the villi into the bloodstream.

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