11 Sep. 22

Chewable omega-3s manufacturer Vitux AS says that new consumer research it has conducted showed compliance better than with gummy products. The company claims this shows that fish oil users are open to new delivery formats.

The company recently released the results of a consumer compliance study it performed with its ConCordix Smart Chew delivery technology, which locks EPA and DHA into a quick to dissolve, easy-to-chew gel matrix. The company claims that there is no detectable fish taste or smell with the products.

Fishy burps

Fishy odor and the ‘fishy burbs’ have long been a drawback in the omega-3s category. Some promoters of alternatives, such as krill oil manufacturers, have claimed in the past that this negative organoleptic experience is the main reason that consumers drop out of the category. This has been seen as a drag on the entire category, which has seen flat to slightly positive growth for a number of years, after recovering from a swoon in the mid 201 Os. The standard delivery mode for years has been soft gels. Newer high concentrate forms of omega-3s have reduced the number of pills consumers must swallow to get an effective dose, but the fishy odor and burbs problem remains.

High payload in chewable format

Some chewable delivery modes have already debuted on the market, including the gummies offered by Nordic Naturals, Nature’s Made and others. Most of these products feature lower dosages of omega-3s. By contrast, Vitux says its ConCordix technology can handle a payload of up to 800 mg of EPA and DHA, and the positive taste experience enhances compliance. In addition, the gel matrix is designed to delivery tiny encapsulated oil droplets to the digestive tract, which is claimed to enhance bioavailability. In its recent test, the company said that among a group of 41 male and female volunteers they found 100% compliance for using the ConCordix chews, and said a high number of them said they’d buy the product and recommend it to someone else. More than 80% of the users reported liking the taste, the company said.

Sale exec: Market ready for alternatives

Marc van Maris, SVP of sales and marketing at Oslo-based Vitux, said the results show the product is poised to help reinvigorate the overall omega-3s market.

“The market share represented by the Omega-3 category cannot be ignored even if the growth in the category has slowed. Brain and cognitive health continue to emerge as a significant category and Omega-3 has a solid role from a nutritional perspective. Where we see the obvious opportunity is in the delivery of high payload chewable Omega-3 products with our Smart Chews,” Van Maris told Nutra lngredients-USA.


“When you consider the growing level of pill fatigue reported by consumers, you have to believe that a great-tasting chewable Omega-3, as represented by ConCordix, is going to draw users to the Omega-3 category. With regard to new consumers, we believe that ConCordix offers parents a complete solution for their children’s Omega-3 supplements and captures an aging population who may be looking for nutritional support for brain health for the first time,” he said.

Judges associated with the Nutra lngredients-USA annual industry awards agreed, giving the company the Omega-3s Product of the Year award in 2021. “Having ChildLife Essentials win the award with Smart Chew technology was a huge boost. The Nutralngredients-USA award impacted us positively at a number of levels – first, it was a recognition of the innovation represented by our ConCordix technology; it also confirmed that attributes like sugar-free and enhanced bioavailability are important, and finally, it created industry-wide exposure for ConCordix Smart Chews, “Van Maris said.



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