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We are honored and excited that our business partner’s new upcoming product launch, Multivitamin SoftMelts™ with our Concordix™ technology, has been awarded the ‘NFM Editors Pick’ for the Natural Products Expo West.

Cle Multi Vitamin 2000

ChildLife Essentials Multi Vitamin SoftMelts

In close collaboration with pediatrician Dr. Murray Clarcke, CEO and Founder of Child Life Essentials, Vitux developed ChildLife Essentials’ Multi Vitamin SoftMelts. These non-gummy gummies contain no sugar or artificial flavors or colors, are gluten free, and have a sweet burst of fresh natural citrus flavor. Each chewable tablet contains 10 vitamins and minerals to support energy metabolism, immune system function, bone maintenance and cognitive health. Supplements that Dr. Murray Clarke feels great about giving his own children, as well as his patients.

Cle Healthy Vision 2000

ChildLife Essentials Healthy Vision SoftMelts

‘While ChildLife’s Multivitamin is awarded the NFM Editors’ Pick, we are also thrilled to launch ChildLife Essentials Healthy Vision SoftMelts.' says Dr. Clarke.

The objective with our Healthy Vision Blue Light formula is to take the existing research base regarding nutrition and eye health into consideration and expand it by including the risks represented by blue light from smartphones, tablets, and PC screens. Our formulation combines antioxidants protecting the retina from damage caused by oxidative stress from blue light along with critical nutrients important to the structure, health and function of your eyes.

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More information

For more information about these ChildLife Essentials products, you can download the infographic here and/or the white paper here. ChildLife Essentials welcomes everybody at their booth 4249 for more information.

ConCordix™ is a patented technology owned by the Norwegian based Vitux AS, a third-party manufacturer providing private label products for the nutraceutical and dietary supplement industry. As an innovative manufacturer, we aim to move frontiers with our disruptive and patent protected delivery form ConCordix™ Soft Chews. Our company goal is to expand the horizon of our clients’ businesses and general consumer health.

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