12 Feb. 23

No one wants to get sick. Appearing on ABC-TV “Afternoon Live,” naturopathic physician Andrew Myers told Portland Oregon viewers, their food choices can make life even more stressful by creating inflammation in their bodies. This can reduce their immune function, making them more susceptible to germs.

One solution he suggested was to switch from sugary gummies to sugar-free Smart Chews. Holding up a Smart Chew for the camera, he stated: “In this case, it contains omega-3 fish oil. It tastes great. It has no aftertaste. And it provides about 20 times the dosage of the standard gummy amount in just one Smart Chew.” Omega-3 helps to support the immune system. “When you combine it with nutrients like vitamin C, zinc, and selenium, you get even more benefit.”

This high-value interview continued with Myers educating audiences about stress and cortisol. “When we’re under stress, our adrenal glands release a hormone called cortisol … the problem with naturally releasing cortisol as we get stressed out is that it decreases our immune function,” he explained.

Audiences learned that in addition to omega-3, seasonal fruits and vegetables, vitamin C and zinc all play important roles in keeping the immune system healthy. Seasonal produce provides the immune system with a solid foundation, while vitamin C helps keep adrenal glands healthy and strengthens nasal passage membranes. “Zinc,” Myers concluded, “is a very powerful mineral that works in the upper respiratory tract to help us beat those little colds that come along with the holiday season.”

Chewables are popular among adults as well as children. Sugar-free Smart Chews are the next big thing for consumers looking for clean labels and great taste. Contact us to learn more about why our high-payload gummy alternative is creating such a stir in the dietary supplement industry.



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