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Meet ConCordix, an award-winning delivery form for supplements. And again, two of the three supplements that are nominated for the 2021 Nutra Ingredients Product of the year in the category Omega-3 are ConCordix supplements!

Discover ConCordix Smart Chews

Innovation from Arctic Norway

We believe in wellness without limitations, so we have removed the barriers of supplementation of Omega fatty acids. Our Smart Chews are easier to swallow, enhance absorption, and secure long-term stability.

Inspired by nature

Normally we ingest nutrients by eating food, which starts by chewing. Chewing makes it easy to take and helps digestion. Chewing activates the functions of your stomach and intestines, helping them absorb the nutrients into your body. Food, like salmon, is a great source of Omega-3s. The microscopic image shows how we mirrored the structure of food. In the ConCordix Smart Chews, you can see the same small oily droplets.

Mirror the structure of food

ConCordix Smart Chews are the result of more than 10 years of exploration by Norwegian scientists to reinvent supplementation. They have been developed by leading nutritional experts, who have removed the barriers of supplementation through a unique technology designed to mirror the structure of food.

Enjoy daily freshness

We package with the purpose of secured stability. To ensure high quality and longterm stability, the Smart Chews are hygienically sealed protecting them from the damaging effects of oxygen, light and moisture.

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