18 Nov. 21

The “great gummy upgrade” wins awards in the children’s dietary supplement market. What’s better than a gummy? Children’s supplement leader ChildLife Essentials chooses clean-label ConCordix technology, much to the delight of parents and kids.

Childlife Essentials is known for its all-natural formulas designed exclusively to meet the nutritional needs of today’s children. They offer formulas with all the important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. What they don’t offer? Gummies.  “Despite their popularity, I have never liked gummies,” confirms founder and naturopathic pediatrician Murray Clarke, DNM., D.Hom., L.Ac. So, in 2019, when Clarke first learned about Vitux AS’s chewable ConCordix technology – a unique jelly-like matrix that dissolves easily without sticking to teeth like gummies – it was love at first sight. ChildLife Essentials soon became one of the first dietary supplement companies to launch ConCordix broadly with multiple SKUs. These next-generation supplements quickly became award-winning favorites within the industry and most importantly, among parents and children in the U.S. and around the world.

Bucking the gummy trend
Founded more than 20 years ago, ChildLife Essentials was the first and remains the only full-line dietary supplement company devoted exclusively to children. “Initially, most of my line was in liquid form. As a pediatrician, I understand that liquid is much easier than tablets or pills for kids to take, and the bioavailability was better.”

While Clarke stayed focused on children’s health instead of entering the adult products market, he watched as other companies did the opposite. “I saw more adult products companies introduce gummies for children. I’ve never thought of gummies as a good delivery vehicle. In the beginning, they were loaded with sugar. They were sticky and terrible for children’s teeth. Gummies also limit the suitable age groups to only those who can chew and swallow them without choking.” Clarke was introduced to ConCordix Smart Chews during a trade show by Andrew Myers, N.D. also a naturopathic physician and Chief Science Officer at Vitux in the U.S. “What immediately impressed me about ConCordix is that it is a soft melt. You don’t have to chew it, so it is suitable for all ages without any choking hazard. It has zero sugar, and the taste profiles are fantastic.”

Comments Vitux AS Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing Marc Van Maris, “ChildLife Essentials is one of the most trusted children’s brands in the U.S. Our quality specifications for ConCordix are very much in line with theirs. We also share similar sustainability and environmental goals.”

 ConCordix Smart Chews offers several advantages
ChildLife Essentials produces natural formulas that bridge the nutritional and environmental challenges and gaps in children’s diets. ConCordix Smart Chews have proven to be an asset on multiple levels, including:

  • They are 100 percent sugar free. Their natural fruity flavors won’t increase the health risks associated with sugar.
  • They are clean label. They are free of artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners and preservatives, gluten free, dairy free and non-GMO.
  • They are versatile. ConCordix holds both oil- and water-soluble ingredients in its homogeneous, pre-emulsified matrix.
  • They have more potency. Clinically relevant dosing is easier with this delivery system. “The potency is always phenomenal,” confirms Clarke. “We can now get the maximum amount of active ingredients in there while still maintaining the taste profile. It’s a critical balance and Vitux AS does a beautiful job.”
  • They are packaged in recyclable, single-serving blister packs. “It’s easy to take these with you, and parents like that these come hygienically sealed. Plus the packaging protects against oxidation, which gives them a 24-month shelf life without hardening.”
  • They are enjoyed by kids and their caretakers. “They especially fill the gap with teenagers who may not be as cool as younger children about taking a liquid,” Clarke comments.
  • They offer enhanced bioavailability (43.4 percent) of omega-3 products. This becomes relevant, knowing that the child’s body actually absorbs the nutrients.

The awards keep coming
ChildLife Essentials currently has four products using ConCordix, with more in the pipeline. Their current product line up is racking up the parent and industry awards:

“ConCordix is a novel approach to simple and convenient oral delivery of nutritional supplements, and offers several advantages over pills, sachets, and capsules as well as gummies,” concludes Van Maris. “We are very impressed with how ChildLife Essentials has embraced this new technology, and we are eager to help other companies expand their product lines and to create health and wellness together.”

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Dr. Murray Clarke

Dr. Murray Clarke, the developer of ChildLife Essentials®, holds licenses and doctorates in three fields of medicine: naturopathic medicine, homeopathic medicine and Chinese medicine (including acupuncture and herbology). He moved to the US from New Zealand 35 years ago and has since become a pioneer in the field of holistic pediatrics. He blends a number of medical modalities including homeopathy, acupuncture, herbal medicine and clinical nutrition to help patients with hard-to-treat conditions. He has become the “go-to” doctor for pediatricians whose standard pharmaceutical approaches haven’t worked. Dr. Clarke continues to focus his experience, treatments and quest for knowledge on how to treat and prevent childhood illness at its root cause. In addition to a flourishing medical practice and his line of nutritional supplements, Dr. Murray Clarke is the author of The Ultimate Guide for Natural Healing and Remedies: Natural Baby—Healthy Child.

ChildLife Essentials® Supplements are sold in pharmacies, health food stores and Whole Foods stores throughout the United States and Canada, as well as in New Zealand, Europe, and Asia.