Meet ConCordix, the innovative delivery form, inspired by nature. The advantages of ConCordix in comparison with tablets, sachets, and capsules are overwhelming. That is what makes these Smart Chews the best option of all types of private label nutritional supplements.

Taking supplements should be fun

Life is too much fun to live unhealthily. ConCordix Smart Chews can provide the optimal boost of nutrients for us to explore and enjoy life to the fullest.

Delight your senses.

Chewable supplements are loved by all.
ConCordix Smart Chews come in all kinds of delightful and all-natural flavors!

Crazy amounts of nutrients in one single Smart Chew.

One Smart Chew can contain:
• Up to 40-44% of oil soluble ingredients
• Up to 750 mg marine or algae oil

Flavored the healthy way

Naturally, sugar-free! Fruity flavors without risks of dental issues, obesity, or diabetes.

Enjoy daily freshness

To ensure high quality and longterm stability, the Smart Chews are hygienically sealed protecting them from the damaging effects of oxygen, light and moisture.