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The company Vitux

The Vitux group is backed by Norwegian private capital. The business opportunity is based on the revolutionary and patented ConCordix technology. The organization is established in Oslo with a manufacturing site in Andenes, Norway. we strive to create health and wellness together with our partners. Serving them to excel and differentiate in their markets by offering healthy and high-quality nutritional supplements. We build this on the unique properties of our pre-emulsified technology platform, offering consumer advantages.


A team of experts

The dedicated team of Vitux is working hard every day to optimize our technology and services. With a strong desire to move frontiers and to challenge to status quo, we focus on the needs of our partners and their consumers.


Proof of quality

As a result of our consistent focus on quality throughout the whole supply chain we are able to produce a premium product like no other in the market today. As private contract development manufacturer we only source the best raw materials to be used in ConCordix, and every new supplier is carefully controlled and qualified. An example on our high focus on quality is that we analyze every single raw material oil batch for oxidation, in order to secure you the best possible product.


Exceeding the standards

The European Union has one of the strictest standards concerning contaminants in the world, but we aim to do better! Our internal standards are based on on BRC, NSF and the Global Organisation GOED and Friend of the sea, which are exceeding European regulations. We provide innovations and solutions that exceed the regulatory standards for any given product. Knowing that we always comply with rules and regulations enables our customer to focus on brand building, sales and profit.


State-of-the-art production

As a dedicated private contract development manufacturer we have a strict focus on quality in our operation. We have developed state of the art production facilities. By using an inert atmosphere throughout the production process we focus on delivering high quality and minimising oxidation. The oil and fill material are constantly flushed with nitrogen or argon gas to displace oxygen and to minimise the risk for oxidation.


A sustainable future

We are aware of our responsibility towards current and future generations and our environment. That is why we incorporated Sustainable Development Goals into the way we run our company. These goals are our blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They address the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, and peace and justice.


Our Norwegian heritage

Our history dates back to the 1990s in northern Norway. The novel ConCordix technology was developed in close collaboration with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim and has been commercialized over the last decade with great success; the last decade with yearly double digit grow numbers.


Join the team

Vitux is a growing company and is always looking for talented team members for our Andenes and Oslo locations. Please send your applications to hr@concordix.com