Concept products

From ready-to-market to tailor-made. Be inspired by this amazing list of concepts that cover a wide range of ingredients and health areas.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar | Apple & Lime Flavor

Pure Cardio Senior

Algae Oil | Tropical Mix Flavor

Pure Focus Junior

Algae Oil | Orange & Lemon Flavor

ConCordix Smart Chews Immune Care

Immune Care

Beta-Glucan | Lemon & Raspberry Flavor

Kids Invincible

Beta-Glucan | Tutti Frutti Flavor

ConCordix Smart Chews Choline

Liver Care

Choline | Orange & Red berry Flavor

ConCordix Smart Chews

Clear Focus

Omega-3 & Chia oil | Lemon, Lime & Strawberry Flavor

ConCordix Smart Ches Oxidation defence

Oxidation Defence

Co-Q10 | Cherry Flavor

Advanced Joint Mobility

Collagen | Lemon Flavor


Elderberry | Lemon & Raspberry Flavor

Kids Grow

Multivits | Strawberry & Lemon Flavor

ConCordix Smart Chews Kids Total care

Kids Total Care

Omega-3 & Multivits | Tropical Mix Flavor


Lutein | Strawberry & Lemon Flavor

blue light safeguard

Blue Light Safeguard

Lutein & Zeaxanthin | Orange & Redberry

MultiVits Kids Total Care

Multivits | Passion Fruit Flavor

Choline Brain

Omega-3 & Choline | Citrus & Strawberry Flavor

ConCordix Smart Chews

Healthy Heart

Omega-3 & Choline | Citrus & Strawberry Flavor

ConCordix Smart Chews

Femme Vitale

Omega-3 | Tropical Mix Flavor


Omega-3 & Folate | Citrus & Strawberry Flavor

Grow Strong

Omega-3 & K2 | Citrus & Strawberry Flavor

Heart for Joints

Omega-3 & K2 | Orange & Lemon Flavor

Kids Basic

Omega-3 | Tutti Frutti Flavor

Kids Development

Omega-3 | Citrus & Strawberry Flavor

Bright Vision

Omega-3 & Lutein | Lemon, Lime & Strawberry


Omega-3 | Lemon, Lime & Strawberry

Skin Glow

Omega-3 | Citrus & Strawberry Flavor

Teenage Boost

Omega-3 | Citrus & Strawberry Flavor

Teenagers Concentration

Omega-3 | Tropical Mix Flavor

Adult Strong

Omega-3 & Vitamin D3 | Citrus & Strawberry


Propolis | Orange, Lemon & Honey Flavor

Skin Care

Borage Oil | Lemon, Lime & Strawberry Flavor

Strong Defense

Omega-3 & Multivits | Lemon & Lime Flavor

MultiVits Men

Multivits & Zinc | Passion Fruit Flavor

MultiVits Women

Choline & Multivits | Lemon Flavor

ConCordix Smart Chews Energy Boost

Energy Boost

Vitamin B12 | Tropical Mix Flavor

ConCordix Smart Chews D-lights

Junior D-lights

Vitamin D | Lemon, Lime & Strawberry Flavor

ConCordix Smart Chews Strong D-lights

Strong D-lights

Vitamin D | Sweet Lemon Flavor


Vitamin D3 & K2 | Strawberry & Lemon Flavor

Bone Metabolism

Vitamin K2 | Sweet Lemon Flavor

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