The science

Smart Chews are the result of more than 10 years of exploration by Norwegian scientists to reinvent supplementation. Leading nutritional experts removed the barriers of supplementation by developing the unique ConCordix technology designed to mirror the way we eat food, which includes chewing, swallowing and digesting.

We believe in wellness without limitations.

That’s why we have removed the barriers of supplementation. Our Smart Chews are easier to swallow, offer enhanced absorption, and ensure long-term stability of nutrients.

Just chew on it

Normally we ingest nutrients by eating food, which starts by chewing. Chewing makes it easy to take and helps digestion. Chewing activates the functions of your stomach and intestines, helping them absorb the nutrients into your body.

We mirror the structure of food

Food, like salmon, is a great source of omega-3s. See how wonderfully these fatty acids are homogeneously distributed in small oily droplets in food.

Enhancing bioavailability

The key to increasing contact surface area is by reducing the droplet size of the fat-soluble nutrients, leading to higher absorption into the bloodstream.