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Sensational Product Benefits

Meet ConCordix, the next level delivery form that is disrupting the world of food supplements. The advantages of ConCordix in comparison with tablets, sachets and capsules are overwhelming. That is what makes these soft chews the best option of all types of private label nutritional supplements.

Great Taste

Great taste and sugar free

Our soft chews are available in a wide range of delicious fruity flavours. The ConCordix gelatine base is designed to taste well and lower the chance of reflux down to nothing. This even masks the strong off-tastes of compounds such as fish oil or zinc. You can choose from one of our sweet and fresh flavours.


Easy to take

Our soft chews are very easy to take whether you are at home, work, school or commuting. You don't need water to swallow them. So just press a soft chew out of the blister and take it. It is as simple as taking a chewing gum.

Higher Payloads

All you need in one soft chew

All you need in one soft chew per day instead of two or more tablets or capsules. Our soft chews are able to contain high payloads and can carry high volumes of active ingredients up to 620 mg.

Oil And Water

Oil and water-solubles combined

ConCordix offers a new approach for simple and convenient oral delivery of nutraceutical supplements. It has the ability to combine both oil and water-soluble ingredients in one single soft chew. This opens the door for new products and market opportunities.

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High compliance

The Soft chews are designed to maximise the comfort of taking food supplements. Making a healthy life just that little bit easier. This lowers the chance of customers stopping their daily intake, like often seen with bitter tasting tablets or water dissolvables. A study with children in a 16-week course of supplementing shows an impressive compliance rate of 94%.

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Daily freshness

Fresh soft chews, every single day again. Tablets and capsules are exposed to oxygen from the day you open the bottle. This gives way to oxidation which makes the oil rancid, creates a bad odour and potentially causes vitamin degradation. Our soft chews are separately packed, providing excellent stability of both flavor and ingredients. The shelf life increases and your customers enjoy a daily fresh soft chew. 

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All natural ingredients

All raw materials used in the production of ConCordix come with a Certificate Of Analysis (CoA) issued by the supplier. We continuously conduct stability studies, covering the product’s entire shelf life. This ensures our products stay within customer and regulatory specifications.


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Research Administration Preference

Research into the preference of different administration methods of fish oil supplements among Dutch children aged 4-12 in primary schools.

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