Smart Chews

Innovation from Arctic Norway by Vitux

Introducing the next generation of dietary supplements by Vitux. Patented ConCordix technology from Norway is revolutionizing the dietary supplements industry, offering an innovative chewable delivery format that has been shown to increase consumer compliance through its superior benefits.

High Potency

Patented ConCordix technology enables the combination of both oil- and water-soluble ingredients in an emulsion. This allows for high payloads of oil-soluble ingredients to be included in each chewable dose, resulting in unparalleled potency. Deliver up to 600 mg of omega-3s in a single Smart Chew. Ingredient integrity is prioritized during the manufacturing process to ensure the potency and effectiveness of every ConCordix product.

Enhanced Bioavailability

ConCordix mirrors Mother Nature’s strategic way of packaging nutrients in foods to optimize their surface area for efficient digestion and absorption. Patented ConCordix technology creates billions of submicrometer droplets in each Smart Chew through a mechanical emulsification process, increasing the surface area of the nutrients. This allows digestive enzymes that only work at the surface of the oil to more effectively break down nutrients for absorption in the gut, offering enhanced bioavailability. Softgels, in comparison, contain large globules of oil that “float” on gastric fluids with reduced surface area.

Unsurpassed Stability

ConCordix Smart Chews maintain their high quality and long-term stability through a combination of patented technology and carefully designed packaging. Each dose is individually sealed within a hygienic blister pack, protecting active ingredients from the damaging effects of oxygen, light, and moisture.


ConCordix Smart Chews are formulated to enhance a healthy lifestyle. That’s why they are sugar-free, proving great taste can be achieved without the added sugar.

Through clinical research, ConCordix Smart Chews have been proven to offer a remarkable 43% greater absorption compared to traditional softgels.

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