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At Vitux we believe that sharing knowledge is the way forward. That is why we publish information pages, free factsheets and white papers about various subjects in food supplement. Learn more about food supplements and make well founded decisions.

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Choline awareness

Dietary intake of choline is known to affect the availability of the nutrient to the tissues and organs whose viability depend on it. It is absolutely necessary, as the body does not produce enough, even under ideal conditions. However, current population dietary trends appear to indicate that choline awareness and intake are less than optimal in most individuals.

Choline biochemistry underlies many important processes in human nutrition. It is a material requirement of cells, and its presence is vital in maintaining a balance of key biochemicals needed for cell growth, function and repair. Though it is known to be the linchpin for many converging biological processes, its importance is currently under appreciated. Supplementing Choline can play an important role in restoring this balance. 

Choline chloride and choline bitartrate are the highly soluble, stable, bioavailable forms of choline can easily be incorporated into our ConCordix supplement technology. 

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Views on VitaCholine in relation to Liver Care

Choline is considered an essential nutrient for humans. The body does not always produce sufficient quantities to sustain normal organ function. That is why supplementation is offered. Choline is called 'metabolism’s missing piece' and is supported by EFSA claims and studies. VitaCholine gets you the best quality choline available and will make your product stand out in the market.

To offer you the necessary information, we have published a white paper on choline that will bring you up-to-date in no time. Find the PDF download below.

Do you know enough about choline to make the next step? Then click here to find out which choline concept formulations we offer.

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White paper Choline

Read a compact overview on the essential nutrient Choline in relation to Liver Care. Make well-informed decisions about adding Choline.

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