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Covid-19 announcement

Oslo, March 24, 2020
In light of recent developments in the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we in Vitux wanted to reach out to you and provide you with a new update on the situation and the measures that Vitux is undertaking in light of the COVID-19 outbreak.
Our foremost concern in the ongoing situation is the well-being of our team and families and the ability to serve you with quality products on a continuous basis. Please find below some information on actions taken by Vitux to secure business continuity.
Vitux Team and product safety measures:
• Office staff in Oslo is working from home for the time being.
• Laboratory staff is on a strict schedule in order to minimize contact and any contami-nation risk.
• No travel or visitors are allowed to the office, laboratory or manufacturing site; all busi-ness meetings are organized via phone or video link and our Sales Team is reaching out to you in order to establish lines of communication based on your requirements.
• Norwegian law demands recent travelers to be in 14 days quarantine.
• All personnel are restricted to leave hometown and all public activities have been sus-pended.
• Strict limited access for only business critical and qualified service providers under the general hygiene rules valid for all team members at the production site.
• At our production site, we have extended the strict clean zone (manufacturing area) hygiene rules to the whole facility including any access to the facility.
Global supply:
• We know how critical the timely and safe delivery of our products is for our clients. At present we assure that our storage and production facilities are operating normally. 
• Up to today we only have minor disruptions in logistic services as a result of govern-ment restrictions and our business partners confirm that supply and delivery chains are operational.
• As for materials supply, we are in close connection with our suppliers and have in-creased the safety stock of critical raw materials.
• Business contingency measures are ongoing and will be continuously monitored and updated. 
• To ensure best possible order management we ask our customers to plan further ahead than usual and recommend your orders for supply as early as possible.
Please be assured that the Vitux team is fully committed to keep you updated and provide close collaboration in order to serve you as our valued customer for both current and future supply and development needs. Our team will stay to your disposal in case of questions or comments such that we can provide you with any update you might need at this point in time.
We also wish that you, your family and team remain healthy and well.

Best regards,
Klaus Neumann
CEO Vitux
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