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Omega-3 & K2 Grow Strong

Who Benefit from Grow Strong

Children are in a cognition development phase and bone building period of life. It makes sense to pay special attention to essential nutrients that support proper growth and development. Children play, jump and fall. To ensure that their bones grow strong and healthy, vitamins like vitamin D and vitamin K2 significantly benefit bones and can prevent bone fractures. Coordination and learning are typical during childhood development and omega-3 fatty acids significantly support a healthy brain.

Health Benefits Grow Strong

Vitamin K2 is mainly known for its blood clotting effects, however it also plays an important role in bone and joint health. Scientists demonstrated that vitamin K2 is an important regulator of bone and cartilage mineralization. Moreover, adequate intake of vitamin K2 improves joint mobility and reduces join pain. Vitamin D is known to benefit healthy bones and helps to prevent bone loss, but also reduces joint and bone pain. 

Experts acknowledged the health effects of omega-3, vitamin K2 and D by a number of health claims. Children significantly benefit from omega-3 supplementation which supports their developmental phase in maintaining a healthy brain. In combination with vitamins D and K2 children can grow strong and stay healthy.


Benefits ConCordix technology for Grow Strong

Children can be finicky when it comes to certain foods, therefore, tasty supplements can beat any shortness of nutrients. Oil soluble vitamins as vitamin K2 and D, combined with omega 3 from fish oil can be easily absorbed in ConCordix Soft Chews because Soft Chews have a pre-emulsified matrix that consists of billions of small oily droplets. This increases the surface area which helps oil-soluble ingredients to be easily absorbed and enhances bioavailability. As a consequence, sufficient levels of important nutrients reach tissues and cells to support a healthy growth and development.

ConCordix Soft Chews are designed to maximize the comfort of taking dietary supplements: Making Health Easier. The special design encapsulates high concentration(s) of ingredient(s) that benefit overall health. A large variety of water and oil soluble ingredients can be combined in a single Soft Chew. ConCordix Soft Chews are sugar-free and available in delicious flavors. Each Soft Chew is separately packed ensuring freshness and high quality. 

Active ingredients

  • 301 mg Total Omega-3
  • 150 mg EPA
  • 100 mg DHA
  • 10 mcg Vitamin D3
  • 45 mcg Vitamin K2


  • Flavour: Citrus & Strawberry
  • Colour: Orange


One Soft Chew daily

Please note that due to demand and limited shelf life it is not possible for Vitux to have samples available of all our concepts. Please inquire to receive an available standard ConCordix taste sample.

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