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Omega-3 Skin Glow

Who Benefit from Skin Glow 

The appearance of the skin is generally a mirror of someone’s health. A dull skin arises from air pollution, unhealthy diets, smoking, diseases, fatigue and stress. Basics tell us that a daily beauty routine improves and benefits skin condition. However, the importance of nutrients to skin health are often overlooked. Nutrients that benefit a radiant skin help the formation of collagen and protect against free radical production. Collagen is the protein powerhouse that smooth wrinkles adds elasticity to the skin and gives that healthy glow.

Health Benefits Skin Glow

Argan oil is primarily composed of fatty acids, vitamin E and a variety of phenolic compounds. The mixture of argan oil has several beneficial skin effects: 1) it protects against sunlight, 2) it is a potent antioxidant helping to stop free radical production, 3) reduces inflammatory cells that cause blemishes and acne, 4) moisturizes the skin, and 5) improves skin conditions as rosacea. 
Vitamin E and zinc work as powerful antioxidants that stop free radical production that cause early aging, dullness and blemishes. Another strong antioxidant is selenium which neutralizes free radicals. It is suggested that selenium with vitamin E has a synergistic effect making it a strong combination to achieve radiant and healthy skin. Both vitamin A (retinol) and omega-3 promote the production of collagen. Vitamin A effectively stimulates the production of new cells, protects against sunlight and slows signs of aging. 
Experts have acknowledged the health effects of omega-3, selenium, zinc and vitamins A and D with a number of health claims that demonstrate the significance of these nutrients on overall health and wellbeing.


Benefits ConCordix technology for Skin Glow

Oil soluble nutrients such as vitamin A and E, selenium and zinc combined with argan oil and omega-3 fatty acids can be easily absorbed in ConCordix Soft Chews because they have a pre-emulsified matrix that consists of billions of small oily droplets. This increases the surface area which helps oil-soluble ingredients to be easily absorbed and enhances bioavailability. As a consequence, sufficient levels of important nutrients reach tissues and cells to support a healthy lifestyle.

ConCordix Soft Chews are designed to maximize the comfort of taking dietary supplements: Making Health Easier. 
The special design encapsulates high concentration(s) of ingredient(s) that benefit overall health. A large variety of water and oil soluble ingredients can be combined in a single Soft Chew. ConCordix Soft Chews are sugar-free and available in delicious flavors. Each Soft Chew is separately packed ensuring freshness and high quality. 

Active ingredients

  • 125 Total Omega-3
  • 64 mg EPA
  • 43 mg DHA
  • 75 mg Argan oil
  • 2 mg Zinc
  • 25 mcg Selenium
  • 166 mcg RE Vitamin A
  • 10 mg a-TE Vitamin E


  • Flavour: Citrus & Strawberry
  • Colour: Orange


One Soft Chew daily

Please note that due to demand and limited shelf life it is not possible for Vitux to have samples available of all our concepts. Please inquire to receive an available standard ConCordix taste sample.

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