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Omega-3 & Folate PregnaVits

Who Benefit from PregnaVits 

Pregnant women need more nutrients for herself and for her baby. From conception to birth, a baby grows and develops fast. The nutrients a mother consumes have a direct effect on their baby and can strongly influence the baby’s developmental phases in the womb. Health authorities strongly recommend to consume adequate levels of nutrients that support the mother as well as a healthy baby. 

Health Benefits PregnaVits

Omega-3, vitamin B12 and D, folate and choline have numerous benefits for both mother and unborn baby. Benefits for pregnant women include: improved energy levels and immunity, improved antioxidant levels for protection of vital organs. Whereas for a fetus these nutrients are needed for a healthy life after birth. 

Neurological development of a fetus is one of the most critical steps for a healthy baby. Omega-3 fatty acids significantly benefit a healthy developing brain, whereas vitamin B12, folate and choline support neurological development and prevent neurological defects. Vitamin D is known for its positive effects on bone and muscle, but also improves the immune system, which is needed to fight any (auto-)immune disease. Experts acknowledged the health benefits of omega-3, vitamin B12 and D, folate and choline by a number of health claims, and recommend adequate consumption of these nutrients.


Benefits ConCordix technology for PregnaVits

Omega-3, vitamin B12 and D, folate and choline can be easily absorbed in ConCordix Soft Chews because they have a pre-emulsified matrix that consists of billions of small oily droplets. This increases the surface area which helps oil-soluble ingredients to be easily absorbed and enhances bioavailability. As a consequence, sufficient levels of omega-3, vitamin B12 and D, folate and choline reach tissues and cells to support a healthy pregnancy and (un)born baby.

ConCordix Soft Chews are designed to maximize the comfort of taking dietary supplements: Making Health Easier. 
The special design encapsulates high concentration(s) of ingredient(s) that benefit overall health. A large variety of water and oil soluble ingredients can be combined in a single Soft Chew. ConCordix Soft Chews are sugar-free and available in delicious flavors. Each Soft Chew is separately packed ensuring freshness and high quality. 

Active ingredients

  • 362 mg Total Omega-3
  • 54 mg EPA
  • 270 mg DHA
  • 21 mg Choline
  • 400 mcg Vitamin B9
  • 10 mcg Vitamin D
  • 2 mcg Vitamin B12


  • Flavour: Citrus & Strawberry
  • Colour: Orange


One Soft Chew daily

Please note that due to demand and limited shelf life it is not possible for Vitux to have samples available of all our concepts. Please inquire to receive an available standard ConCordix taste sample.

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